AgriTerra Trade Products & Services

AgriTerra is able to export a wide range of agricultural crops and produce to all international markets.  Click Here to view our main product categories.

We specialize in the export of various Fresh, Dried or Milled products that can be packed according to our client needs including Private Labels.  Read more about the possibilities on our Services Page.

We are also open to special requests or services in regards to the sourcing and supply of products or services not mentioned on our site.  Contact Us to inquire about your unique needs.

Trade with Africa for various crops and produce is on the rise and we are working with our international markets to develop solid trade opportunities for these goods. We are committed to the development and expansion of the agricultural sector in Africa.  It is a major priority for improving living conditions and economic realities for many communities.   

If we get agriculture right in Africa, where most of the people now are working in that sector, not only would it help boost development but we will be secure in terms of food and nutrition and then be able to move on to other areas.  Kofi Annan

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